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Artesà Etched Octagonal Slate Serving Platter


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When you’ve got a special occasion coming up, there's a fool proof way to make your guests...

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When you’ve got a special occasion coming up, there's a fool proof way to make your guests feel special.

Make a statement. Go for artisan chic with a minimal edge. This sensational octagonal serving platter, by Artesà is the perfect piece to start your collection.

Made from top grade natural slate, it's hand finished, and has sleek, brushed copper handles. And these gleaming handles are more than just a helpful detail to make it easy to carry. They add a dash of minimal sophistication, creating a daring contrast to the rustic styling.

As a natural material that can keep its cool for hours, slate is the perfect partner for foods from the refrigerator. This slate board is a must-use whenever you’re planning a buffet. Fill it with a chilled meat selection, or load it up with tasty cheeses.

Expect admiring comments when you use it to serve tapas or antipasti; or take lunch to the next level and use it as a sharing platter or to serve bistro style burgers and chips. And if you’re planning on serving colourful desserts - a bright strawberry tart, a 'wow!' slice of orange gateau, or a rich, golden crème brûlée - the sophisticated dusk grey slate creates an elegant contrast.

Remember, you can also use this good looking slate platter for serving drinks as well as a trivet for hotpots and stews.


Size: 26.5cm x 28cm
Gift boxed

Features & Benefits

Hand finished slate with rustic, unfinished edges
Minimal, brushed copper handles
Use for appetisers, desserts and as a buffet platter
Wipe clean only
5 year guarantee


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