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Home Made Traditional Wood Butter & Gnocchi Paddles



Create and shape the perfect block of home-made butter with this Home Made Set of Two Butter Paddles by Kitchen Craft. These durable paddles feature a grooved surface, which makes draining away any excess buttermilk much easier - leaving your butter with a gorgeous texture. When you've finished making, you can also use these paddles as an eye-catching way to serve your fresh butter at the table. And, with their grooves, you can also use them as gnocchi boards - they're great for forming delicious little Italian dumplings!

Each butter paddle is finished with a series of grooves. This makes it really easy for you to drain any excess buttermilk from your butter once it's formed. It also allows you to give it a beautiful texture finish. The paddles' groove are also fantastic for making fresh gnocchi with. You can roll your gnocchi dough across the board to achieve those fantastic shell-like shapes and textures. It's that simple. Why not try making sausage gnocchi?

Having gone to all that effort to make a fresh block of butter, it'd be a real waste not to show it off at the dinner table. With these butter paddles / gnocchi boards, you can. Their beautiful natural wood textures makes them a great serving alternative to a butter cloche and a piece sure to catch the eye.

From growing your own, picking your own to making your own, the Home made collection offers the very best in cooking what nature has provided.


Shape the perfect block of home-made butter or fresh gnocchi with this set of two wooden paddles
Grooved surface allows excess buttermilk to drain away during butter making - it's also great for giving a uniquely textured finish
Roll out fresh gnocchi across the grooves to achieve beautiful textures and authentic shapes
Handwash only
12 month guarantee


Size: 20cm x 6.5cm x 1.5cm / 8" x 2½" x ½"

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