Baking with Children


Baking with Children

I love baking and Christmas baking is by far my favourite and with the kitchen being the heart of the home, I love getting all family involved – even if Gran is only there to be chief chocolate taster!

I remember my mother spending hours in the kitchen making the most beautiful Christmas treats and helping her add the finishing touches to her creations was my favourite part! It can be difficult to find a Christmas recipe that little fingers can get involved with, but yule log is ideal as the kids can spend hours adding as much butter cream as they desire.

The chocolatey butter cream is really simple to make and doesn’t involve any baking so is great for the kids to be prepare whilst you prepare the Swiss roll. Getting the kids to prepare the ingredients will help with their weighing and measuring skills and will teach them about portion control.

Once the Swiss roll has cooled completely the kids can start decorating, although as I’m sure you know, the decorating process will get a very messy, but this only adds to the fun and festivities.

A little tip I have picked up to ensure you don’t lose their attention, bake two Swiss rolls, split the family in to two teams and challenge then to a bake off style competition with a festive prize for the winner! 

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I guarantee the entire family will have hours of fun and you will all be feeling very festive.