Our guide to dealing with fussy eaters


Our guide to dealing with fussy eaters

When your child decides that they no longer like the look of certain foods or they are ‘full’ and can’t possibly finish anything else unless it’s pudding, as a parent there are three natural responses. The first, encouragement “But you liked it before – it’s nice”, the second; bribery “You can have dessert if you finish your vegetables” and the third; a threat “You can’t watch TV until you’ve finished everything on your plate”. Does this sound familiar? In these situations there are no winners, children wise up to the fact they can get what they want by refusing certain foods and you become increasingly more stressed at your child.

Can we put an end to the tiresome meal times? If your child is old enough you can encourage them to try new foods by taking them food shopping with you. Show them just how much variety and variation lye within the supermarket aisles and allow them to pick something, which they have never tried before. The fruit and vegetable aisle is a great place to start, not only does it promote a healthy lifestyle but the varying colours and textures of fruits and vegetables, will entice children to try something new and exciting.

When you get home, encourage your child to help you make dinner. By them getting stuck in with helping you prepare ingredients, or by stirring the bowl, it gives them a great sense of achievement so they’ll be more inclined to eat something that they’ve helped make. Also, when you’re thinking about what to cook for dinner, get creative, children will enjoy food more, when they know it’s aimed at them. Try and make interesting pictures out of your children’s dinner, and fill their plates with varying colours and textures and mealtimes could make a happier time. Check out our Pinterest board - School Days to give you some inspiration on what fun pictures and shapes you can make with their dinner.  

Lunch can also be just as creative as dinner. We’ve got a variety of sandwich cutters for boys and girls. A plain sandwich can be transformed into a butterfly, a dinosaur, a flower or a train within seconds. The sandwich cutters are large enough to fill a typical sandwich, to reduce the amount of waste and the designs are fun and interesting so children can’t wait to tuck into their lunches. They are also great for adults too; do you dare to take a heart shaped sandwich to work? 

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