Homemade Christmas


Homemade Christmas

With Shabby Chic still a growing trend it has never been more popular to send homemade gifts, so we have put together some great ideas that you can personalise in unique ways.

Our Home Made range offers a wealth of different size and shaped jars that can be filled with a wonderful array of goodies. Pickles and preserves are an ideal stocking filler and can be personalised easily by amending the recipe and adding ingredients to suit the person you are going to send the gift to. Take a look at our preserving recipes for more inspiration. 

If you are looking to create a gift that is a little more unique try taking one of our jars and adding all the ingredients to make a Hot Chocolate Kit, all you need to do is layer the cocoa powder at the bottom of the jar, followed by the marshmallows and topped with as many sweet treats as you can cram in. seal the jar and personalise with labels and ribbons. This concept can work for almost any theme, old fashioned sweets, sewing kits, a movie night kit, a spa in a jar and many, many more. 

A fun gift for the little people in your life is a stuffed cookie cutter. To create this sweet gift decorate a large slab of fudge with sprinkles, chocolate buttons and edible glitter, use a festive shaped cookie cutter to cut out the fudge but make sure you leave the fudge inside the cookie cutter as this will also be given as part of the gift and can be used again and again to create cookies, biscuit and other treats. Pop the cutter and the fudge into a cellophane gift bag and complete with lots of fun festive ribbons.

We hope we have given you some fun ideas and Christmas doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be special so get creative and look out for our #HomemadeChristmas.