Reigniting Retro Classics


Reigniting Retro Classics

Classic styles with streamlined contours, LCD technology with iconic imagery, glossy contemporary shades with vintage shapes brings you to the world of Metro Kitchen.

The rise of the metro sexual male and trend styling for all that was good from the past updated with modern touches is at the heart of this striking collection of over 80 kitchen essentials.

Remember old school dining hall plywood tables and chairs mixed with vintage Davey lamps and galvanised metal dustbins. A mixture of classic bold colours such as black and red, no doubt accessorised with cobalt blue sofas and green cushions underpin the look. Metro Kitchen reignites fun filled trends from the past, inspired by a generation of “new” designers that keep the retro feel for now and always.

Forget the wooden spoon, now we have silicone technology with integral measurement capacities, all shaped to the classic proportions of the traditional wooden favourite but with the convenience of bending to the contours of plates and bowls to remove contents easily. There’s also tiered cake tins for today’s vital space saving storage with iconic number referencing and glossy painted finishes and metal edges taken from the good old days.

So, take a step back, then take a huge step forward for simple pared-back styling and true 21st century cooking authenticity.

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