Setting the Christmas Dinner Table


Setting the Christmas Dinner Table

My favourite part of Christmas day is sitting down with all the family to enjoy a traditional Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings. So for this festive feast to be enjoyed in all its glory, it is only right that the table is laid correctly.

I was a little daunted the first time I had to prepare a formal table, but after I had practiced a few times it became second nature. If you’re hosting a more formal dinner this year, here are my suggestions on how to create the perfect Christmas table.

Start by placing a charger plate at each place setting. Above the charger plate, to the left place the bread and butter plate with a butter knife placed diagonally across the plate. A napkin in a napkin holder should be placed on the far right.

You always start from the outside and work your way to the centre when placing cutlery, therefore the soup spoon will be the furthest from the plate and is placed on the right-hand side to the left of the napkin. Following soup, I always serve a fish course, therefore a fish knife and fork will be placed on the table with the knife on the right-hand side, next to the soup spoon and the fork on the left.

Once the fish course has been cleared it is time for the main event! The dinner knife and fork will be the next set of cutlery placed on the table again, with the knife on the right and the fork on the left.

If like me you carve your meat at the table and present the potatoes and veg in serving dishes for your guests to help themselves, you will need to ensure you have serving spoons, slotted vegetable straining spoons and a gravy boat on the table.

For dessert, place a cake fork above the place setting with a desert spoon below it. Once you are ready to serve dessert you can remove the charger plate as it is no longer needed. When serving your dessert also bring coffee / teacups to the table along with a teaspoon.

You may choose to serve your Christmas dinner in a less formal manner than I do, but however you chose to do it, make sure you enjoy every mouthful!