As the nights draw in, time to make some Gin


As the nights draw in, time to make some Gin

Sloes are the fruit of the blackthorn and are one of the last fruits to remain on the trees before winter. Sloes look very attractive on the blackthorn and cluster together around the branches like bunches of grapes, unfortunately the taste of this fruit does not match its attractive appearance, they are incredibly sour.

The blackthorn is found throughout Britain, in hedges, parkland, woods, verges and scrubland.

There is much debate on the best time to pick sloes, before or after the first frost but we recommend harvesting them as late as possible to ensure they are at their best and no longer hard. When picking discard any sloes that have holes in or that are past their best.

These wild English berries work fantastically with gin and are a treat to be enjoyed in months to come.

Quick and easy to make, none of your harvest is wasted as you can make many bottles of Sloe Gin in no time at all and leave them to ferment for months and even years. But don’t worry if you are getting a little impatient, a brew made in October makes the perfect Christmas drink.

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Our top tip

A lot of recipes suggest that you prick each sloe with a pin before adding them to your Gin but a great tip (we have picked up along the way) is to put the sloes in the freezer before bottling as this will break down their structure so no need to spend hours pricking them.

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