The Italian misconceptions we're guilty of commiting


The Italian misconceptions we're guilty of commiting

After years of our Italian friends turning the other cheek to our culinary no-no’s they have now spoken out about the Italian food misconceptions, we’re all guilty of committing. Food institute, Academia Barilla in Parma is dedicated to defending Italian food products, which are made by reputable artisans and certified denominations, and after years of wincing at our kitchen no-no’s they are now taking a stand. With the top culinary horrors now published there’s no excuse not to abide by these simple rules - If we’re going to enjoy Italian food then we may as well enjoy eating like a true Italian.

Follow the below tips to become a true Italian:

  • You should never, ever drink a Cappuccino during a meal. If you are in need of a caffeine boost, you should wait until the end of your meal to enjoy a true Italian delicacy.
  • Risotto and pasta should not be a side dish; they should take centre stage as your main meal.
  • Oil should never be added to your pasta water, wait until the pasta is cooked and then dress with oil.
  • Our beloved Spaghetti Bolognaise should be served with tagliatelle not spaghetti.
  • Ketchup is a condiment to chips not pasta – the ultimate faux pas which has bugged Italians for many years.
  • Amazingly, pasta and chicken should not be served together. This is one culinary disaster we are all guilty of committing, but nowhere in Italy would serve this dish.
  • Spaghetti should never be cut; we need to master the basic art of twirling.

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