The must have cake of the Summer


The must have cake of the Summer

This beautiful creation is a unique twist on a true British classic, the simple sponge recipe allows you to mix and match a variety of exciting flavour combinations and texture together, to really create an impact –  it’s no wonder it’s become the must have wedding cake of the year.

One of the advantages of the Naked Cake is its almost limitless creativity. Whether you decide to be prim and proper and have neat and tidy layers of buttercream and sponge or you go for a more rustic, just thrown together approach, its beauty really is effortless. Part of the cakes appeal is that it isn’t perfect and it’ll never be perfect - all of its flaws and imperfections are on show, which is all part of its charm!

With all the ingredients exposed to the elements, the sponge and all of its lovely fillings really need to be visually on point. When creating your own naked cake, think about what flavour combinations and colours that work well together. A few combinations which work particularly well together, strange though they may seem – are lemon sponge with lavender buttercream, chocolate sponge with salted caramel buttercream and vanilla sponge with a white chocolate ganache – all equally delicious and all with staggeringly beautiful colour combinations. Decorating your naked cake is all part of the fun – this is where you can really go to town with accessorising. The deep hue colours of summer fruits is always a winner, as well as vibrant flowers, but you could also try decorating with nuts or oozing sauces for a different take on the ‘norm’.

For our naked cake, we’ve gone for a simple yet very effective approach – buttercream and lashings of thick raspberry jam in-between a sandwich of light, fluffy sponge, finished off with a thick dusting of icing sugar. We topped ours with gorgeous summer fruits – blueberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and strawberries and just a few rose bud heads for a zingy burst of colour. Use our basic recipe for a Naked Cake and experiment with a variety of flavours and texture combinations – we guarantee you’ll be hooked.  

Want to have a go at creating this naked cake yourself? Find our recipe here.