Cheese and Chocolate: The Next Big Foodie Trend


Cheese and Chocolate: The Next Big Foodie Trend

We love cheese; we love chocolate but cheese and chocolate together? We’re unsure. According to the Great British Chefs, cheese and chocolate is the next big foodie trend of 2014.

Unfortunately they aren’t just edging us in to the idea with a chocolate cheesecake, they mean serious business - we’re talking about Chocolate and Shropshire Cake and Port and Stilton Truffles.

Heston Blumenthal is renowned for his weird and wonderful concoctions, so we can thank him for bringing these two ingredients together. Heston was one of the first to develop blue cheese and chocolate as a pairing with his famous Molton Chocolate and Blue Cheese Cake. But according to the experts chocolate and blue cheese share 73 flavour compounds, so there’s actually scientific reasoning as to why we should find this mixture appealing.  

Maybe we’ve put you off your lunch or maybe, just maybe we’ve encouraged you to try something new. Why don’t you start off by experimenting with a fondue set, fill the fondue with either melted cheese or chocolate and try dipping new and interesting foods in to the fondue – you may be surprised at what you’ll enjoy.  

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