We've caught the #GBBO bug!


We've caught the #GBBO bug!

Mary and Paul have come back with a serious bang this season, the first week we discovered what dreams are made of - cakes. Week two, we divulged in to the realm of biscuits and last week we explored Paul Hollywood’s wonderful world of bread.  

Last week the contestants were out to impress with their Rye Rolls, Ciabattas and their celebration bakes, whilst most bakers rose to the occasion some bakers ran out of yeast by the end of the show. Kate had an amazing week, this week – outstanding in the signature challenge Kate produced some rather beautiful orange and cardamom rolls which went down an absolute treat. When Paul utters those magic words “You’ve got it spot on” – you can leave the tent one very happy bunny. Not only did Kate win the signature challenge but also the technical challenge, taking Paul’s advice of “Be patient” she left her ciabatta dough to proof for as long as possible and boy did it pay off.  Unfortunately she didn’t win Star Baker; she was piped to the post by Luis and his Roscon De Reyes. Luis created a sharable loaf filled with figs, Serrano ham and topped with olives which not only looked like a taste sensation straight from the Mediterranean, but also had us salivating at the mouth.

Amazingly we managed to make it through the entire episode with only one soggy bottom comment from Mary, rather to our disappointment, but maybe she’s saving all her soggy bottom comments until pastry week! After a whole episode devoted to bread it got us excited about making our own and on the subject of the dreaded soggy bottom our new Bakeware range is set to put an end to every baker’s nightmare - forever!

Master Class Crusty Bakeware is a revolutionary, new range of bakeware products. A collection made up of carefully selected products which are key for cooking and baking anything dough or pastry related.  With a one of a kind design all products feature perforated holes which let moisture out and allow the heat to really penetrate the pastry or dough, creating a perfectly golden, brown, crispy crust time and time again. The perforated holes also ensure that the air circulates freely around the dough during the cooking process, enabling the heat to be distributed quickly and evenly.

Guaranteed to be your new kitchen saviour, the range includes a selection of baking essentials, a cookie tray, a baguette tray, a pizza crisper, a pie dish, a 12 hole baking pan, quiche tins as well as loaf pans – perfect for recreating this week’s Great British Bakeoff recipes.  

We’re so confident about our new range, that we dare you to do the ‘tap test’. Take a look at our new Master Class Crusty Bakeware video to see all the key features of our one of a kind bakeware range. Available to view on our website and on Vimeo here