Graters and Scissors

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  1. Chef'n Dual Grater 2-in-1 Cheese Grater

    Sleek in design, this 2 in 1 grater is the answer to your grater needs when you have minimal kitchen storage space. With two grating surfaces, fine and coarse textures are covered. The only issue you'll have is to decide which to have first, cheese on toast or a beautifully garnished chocolate…

  2. Chef'n Flexicado™ Avocado Slicer

    Bring on the avocados, because the firm yet flexible Flexicado™ can scoop and slice the flesh out of them no matter what size they are. Slicing teeth are kid-friendly for all the little avocado lovers in the house.

  3. Chef'n FreshForce™ Herb Scissors

    Scissors designed specifically to make stripping and snipping fresh herbs and leafy greens a breeze. From thyme to kale, these scissors take no prisoners when it comes to herb prep.

  4. Chef'n FreshForce™ Pizza Shears

    Gone are the days of tearing your toppings as you try and get the perfect slice of your favourite pizza. Cut straight through the King of Saturday night foods with the stainless steel 11" blades.

  5. Chef'n FreshForce™ Poultry Shears

    A fresh solution for a messy, challenging job. The FreshForce™ Poultry Shears are engineered to deliver more power with less force. The stainless steel blades have serrated edges and are notched to hold meat safely in place while cutting. Pair that with extra FreshForce™ leverage to easily cut…

  6. Chef'n FreshForce™ Utility Scissors

    Our test-driven, time saving, all-purpose scissors with some fun infused. This hardworking tool includes five functional parts: scissor, box cutter, saw blade for breaking down cardboard, a wire cutter, and a bottle opener to cap it all off. Cut. Clip. Saw. Pierce. Clean. Open. We’ve got it…

  7. Chef'n Glass Mandoline

    With four slicing options including straight, crinkle and fine and regular julienne. The thickness settings are fully adjustable and the angled blade and premium-weight, stain resistant glass surface ensures even and uniform slicing.    The pusher glides seamlessly on rails and the…

  8. Chef'n GraterZoom™ Grater and Slicer

    Meet the newest addition to the zoom family. Grate or slice garlic, ginger, turmeric and more with the GraterZoom™. Load the chamber with produce, lock in place and roll to grate or reverse directions to slice.

  9. Chef'n QuickStick™ Snack Slicer

    Say hello to healthy snacks. The QuickStick™ lets you slice snacks faster and safer than with a knife, and it’s more fun too. Simply place vegetables in the tube, then press the pusher to slice. Great for quartering food too.

  10. Chef'n Rotary Grater

    Take the hassle out of grating with the spring loaded rotary grater. The re-imagined design lets you see what you're grating.

  11. Chef'n SleekSlice™ Collapsible Mandoline

    SleekSlice™ Collapsible Mandoline is the latest version of our original handheld mandoline. With 6 thickness settings, an adjustable handle and a comfortable pronged pusher, SleekSlice makes fresh prep quick and precise. When you are finished, fold the handles for compact storage.

  12. Chef'n Tower Grater 2-in-1 Tower & Plane Grater

    The ergonomically designed 2-in-1 Tower & Plane Grater makes grating more comfortable and mess free. When garnishing dishes or bakes, remove the individual plates to grate directly over your food.

  13. Chef'n Watermelon Slicester™

    Create tasty and healthy snacks in seconds, without losing any of the good stuff. Slice horizontally and then vertically to enjoy mess free preparation of these watery fruits. Use the rubber handles for easy removal from the rind.