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  1. Chef'n Dual PepperBall® Salt and Pepper Grinder

    Why use two grinders when you only need one? Say hello to the future of seasoning, the Dual Pepperball®. A 2-in-1 salt and pepper grinder designed to look like the ever-popular PepperBall™.

  2. Chef'n FreshForce™ Garlic Press

    Garlic lovers rejoice! The perfect press has arrived. With its patented dual-gear mechanism, this gadget presses more garlic with less effort. Pop in some peeled garlic gloves and press your way to a more intense garlic flavor and aroma.

  3. Chef'n FreshForce™ Herb Scissors

    Scissors designed specifically to make stripping and snipping fresh herbs and leafy greens a breeze. From thyme to kale, these scissors take no prisoners when it comes to herb prep.

  4. Chef'n GarlicMachine™ Garlic Press

    Don’t mince words, mince garlic with the convenient Garlic Machine. The new, improved design of the machine features a quick release top for easy loading. Insert several peeled garlic cloves and simply turn the handle to press and mince. An integrated storage cap keeps clove fresh and ready…

  5. Chef'n GarlicZoom® Garlic Chopper

    The iconic GarlicZoom® just got zoomier. This updated take on the Chef’n classic fits more garlic cloves, opens completely for easy access to the good garlicky stuff, and is designed for quick and easy cleaning without having to handle those sharp little blades. Like the original, it…

  6. Chef'n HerbFresh Fresh Herb Storage

    We like to design things that help you take your food to the limits. HerbFresh is our simple solution to fresh herb storage, perfect for preserving herbs you want to save for another day or another week. Place herbs in the silicone tray, fill the container with just enough water to cover the bottom…

  7. Chef'n HerbZoom® Herb Mincer

    Release the flavour from your herbs in no time at all. Four blades will cut your preparation down to seconds.

  8. Chef'n Herbcicle Plus™ Frozen Herb Keeper and Mill

    The original herbcicle was created to extend the life of fresh herbs and cut back on waste. Three years later, we’ve taken this iconic product one step further by incorporating a herb mill so you can preserve and serve with one nifty tool.

  9. Chef'n Looseleaf™ Plus Greens and Herb Stripper and Cutter

    Good things come in small packages and the Looseleaf™ Plus is no exception. A new take on our small but mighty classic, the LooseLeaf™ Plus still strips everything from kale to thyme in seconds. We have now added the bonus of stainless steel shears to cut those fresh herbs and greens from the…

  10. Chef'n MeasureUp™ Top Down Spice Measurer

    Easily measure sugar and spice and everything nice with the MeasureUp™ top down spice measurer. Grind or pour directly into this handy little tool to get just the right amount of seasoning for whatever is cooking.

  11. Chef'n Mini Magnetic PepperBall Salt and Pepper Grinder

    Perfect in size for compact kitchens and a rare earth magnet for storing in mobile ones. This fun set includes both mini versions of the PepperBall® and SaltBall™ grinders.

  12. Chef'n PepperBall® Pepper Grinder

    The best just got better. Refreshed and revamped, our updated PepperBall® features the same iconic look and one-handed design of the 1995 original, only better. Cleaner lines, reinforced handles and improved functionality - what's not to love?

  13. Chef'n SaltBall™ Salt Grinder

    Put that salt shaker down! And upgrade to our new and improved SaltBall™. Once you start using freshly ground sea salt, you'll forget all about that granulated stuff. Trust us.

  14. Chef'n Zipstrip™ Herb Stripper

    Strip and collect woody, stemmed herbs easily with the handy little Zipstrip™ Herb Stripper. Different sized holes strip stemmed herbs of all kinds. A bowl designed to catch loose herbs also measures them for fresher, faster cooking.