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  1. Chef'n Avoquado™ 4-in-1 Avocado Tool

    Cut, pit, slice and scoop avocados of all sizes with this 4-in-1 avocado tool. The Avoquado™ is the only tool you need to make quick guacamole, prep for avocado toast or slice and cube to top soups and salads.

  2. Chef'n Bag Clips - Small

    In our kitchens, stale has no place. So to keep those delicious snacks safe, we clip in freshness the with bag clips.

  3. Chef'n Corn Cob Holders Interlocking Corn Holders

    Love buttery corn but don't love buttery fingers? Then our corn holders are for you. They're interlocking making them safe to store in the kitchen drawer.

  4. Chef'n Emulstir™ Salad Dressing Mixer

    Emulsify like never before - with speed, ease and pizzazz! The new Emulstir® makes measuring, mixing and serving your favourite homemade dressing a breeze. Fill the BPA-free salad dressing container vessel with your favorite dressing ingredients, press in the cork fit lid, pump the plunger and…

  5. Chef'n FlipSlice™ Egg Slicer

    This handy tool slices hard-boiled eggs perfectly, then flips over to slice fresh mozzarella as well. The FlipSlice is designed with a divot on either side to hold food securely. Grip the comfortable handle and let the stainless steel tines slice with ease.

  6. Chef'n FreshForce™ Can Opener

    Sharp, durable stainless-steel blades will ensure that troublesome can opening is a thing of the past. Featuring a magnetic lid remover, this compact can opener will not only be a stylish addition to your kitchen drawer, it's much safer to use too.

  7. Chef'n FreshForce™ Garlic Press

    Garlic lovers rejoice! The perfect press has arrived. With its patented dual-gear mechanism, this gadget presses more garlic with less effort. Pop in some peeled garlic gloves and press your way to a more intense garlic flavor and aroma.

  8. Chef'n FreshForce™ Pizza Shears

    Gone are the days of tearing your toppings as you try and get the perfect slice of your favourite pizza. Cut straight through the King of Saturday night foods with the stainless steel 11" blades.

  9. Chef'n Glass Mandoline

    With four slicing options including straight, crinkle and fine and regular julienne. The thickness settings are fully adjustable and the angled blade and premium-weight, stain resistant glass surface ensures even and uniform slicing.    The pusher glides seamlessly on rails and the…

  10. Chef'n Microgreen Grower

    Breathe a little life into your kitchen with the microgreen grower. Simply add some soil and microgreen seeds to transform any home chef into an urban farmer too. Enjoy healthy microgreens in your favorite salads and main dishes.

  11. Chef'n PalmZester™

    Zest with ease with the reimagined PalmZester™. Now with double the capacity, an ergonomic design and the added benefit of a channel knife.

  12. Chef'n Poptop™ Popcorn Popper

    Make healthier, homemade microwave popcorn for yourself or for the whole family in just minutes. Constructed completely from high-heat resistant silicone, the fun design of this reusable maker unfolds as kernels pop.

  13. Chef'n QuickStick™ Snack Slicer

    Say hello to healthy snacks. The QuickStick™ lets you slice snacks faster and safer than with a knife, and it’s more fun too. Simply place vegetables in the tube, then press the pusher to slice. Great for quartering food too.

  14. Chef'n Stack'n Peel™ 3 Peeler Set

    Never lose track of peelers again with this 3 piece set that snaps together for easy storage. Straight, serrated and julienne blades are included to cover all fruit and vegetable peeling needs.

  15. Chef'n Switchit™ Blender Spatula And Scraper

    Swipe, scrape, and scoop to get every last bit of smoothie. This dual ended Switchit® blender scraper is designed to get into every nook and cranny of a blender, so you don’t miss a single drop of the goodness you just blended up. The unique silicone spatula design also makes clean up a…

  16. Chef'n Watermelon Slicester™

    Create tasty and healthy snacks in seconds, without losing any of the good stuff. Slice horizontally and then vertically to enjoy mess free preparation of these watery fruits. Use the rubber handles for easy removal from the rind.

  17. Chef'n Yolkster™ Egg Poacher

    Yolkster™ Egg Poacher is a fun name for a serious cooking tool, designed to perfectly poach eggs and make it easier. The mesh basket of the Yolkster™ lets water submerge the egg, the traditional technique for poaching. The result is light, fluffy egg whites and soft, runny yolks.

  18. Chef’n Egg Slicester™ 3-in-1 Egg Slicer

    Slice, dice and wedge, super speedily and super easily. Strong stainless steel wires cut eggs quick. Just push to slice, turn the egg to dice, or use the second blade to wedge.   The cupped base keeps your hard boiled egg in place for mess free egg prep. Ideal for slicing eggs for…

  19. Chef’n Multi-Function Silicone Lids

    Double sided silicone lids fit almost any pan or bowl, and are 100% reusable, unlike cling film. Seal for freshness. The flat side creates an airtight seal, ideal for refrigerating leftovers, or as a frying pan splash guard. The ridged side acts like a vented pan lid, great for simmering…

  20. Chef’n Poachster™ Egg Poaching Pods with Separator

    Poached eggs made simple. Prepare the perfect poached eggs, free from stress and mess, with the ingenious Poachster egg poachers.   Crack, poach, enjoy. All you have to do is submerge the pods in a simmering saucepan, crack in your eggs and poach for 7 to 9 minutes.   The Poachster…

  21. Chef’n Swirl’n™ Perfect Egg Poacher

    Swirl'n helps you make restaurant-quality poached eggs in less than 5 minutes. Its vents create a swirling effect, keeping the egg nicely shaped as it poaches in the pod.   Enjoy perfectly shaped poached eggs, ideal for making eggs benedict, or for serving on toast or alongside salads.…