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  1. Colourworks Classics Cream Silicone-Headed Soup Ladle

    Take the trouble out of serving portions of soups, sauces and stews. With its clever design, this revolutionary ladle provides timeless solutions for age-old kitchen problems - allowing you to stir, scoop, strain and serve with just a single kitchen tool! The KitchenCraft Colourworks Classics…

  2. Colourworks Classics Cream Silicone-Headed Pasta Serving Spoon / Measurer

    Scooping spaghetti from the pan without spilling it - it's a classic culinary challenge. No one wants spilt or soggy spaghetti. So, it's definitely worthy of a timelessly smart solution that works for all kitchens. That's why KitchenCraft's created this Colourworks Classics Silicone-Head Spaghetti…

  3. Colourworks Classics Cream Silicone Spatula with Soft Touch Handle

    This silicone spatula is the epitome of a trusty and reliable kitchen utensil, and here’s why. The head has been cunningly shaped to include a bowl rest, so messy worktops will become a thing of the past. And, as it’s silicone, you can pair it up with so many other kitchen tools…

  4. Colourworks Classics 10cm Paring Knives - Display of 36

    A counter top display with thirty-six assorted coloured knives with protective sheaths.

  5. Colourworks Classics 22cm Multi-Purpose Kitchen Scissors - Display of 24

    A counter top display with twenty-four pairs of scissors. With stainless steel blades, non-slip handles, bottle top removers and protectors sheaths.

  6. Colourworks Classics Cook's Blowtorches - Display of 12

    A cook's secret ingredient – this refillable blowtorch is ideal for cre

  7. Colourworks Classics Soft Touch Egg Timers - Display of 24

    A counter top display with twenty-four sixty minute countdown timers each with a bell alarm and a soft touch finish.

  8. Colourworks Classics Silicone Spoon Rests - Display of 24

    A counter top display with twenty-four assorted coloured silicone spoon rests. Each heat resistant rest has a non-slip base and raised grips to keep utensils above food residue.

  9. Colourworks Classics Two in One Peeler and Julienne Slicers - Display of 24

    A great little kitchen gadget that features two swivelling stainless steel b

  10. Colourworks Classics Four Piece Stainless Steel Blade Steak Knife Set

    Whether you enjoy your steak rare, medium or well done – one thing we can all agree on is that you want to enjoy it as quickly as possible. And in order to that you need a steak knife that will glide through your steak effortlessly. The set of four steak knives from the Colourworks Classics…

  11. Colourworks Classics Five Piece Measuring Spoon Set

    Conquer every recipe in colourful style, with this five-piece measuring spoon set When it comes to cooking and baking, consistent measuring is key to success. One inaccurate teaspoon of baking soda can turn chocolate brownies bitter or create coarse, towering sponges with fallen centres. And,…

  12. Colourworks Classics Set of Four Silicone Egg Cups

    Soft boiled eggs are a brilliant breakfast choice, but when you’re busy dunking buttery toast in to the yolk, the last thing you want is to be chasing your egg cup around the plate as it slides on the shiny porcelain. That’s why these ingenious silicone egg cups are a real game…

  13. Colourworks Classics Extra-Large Melamine Plates

    With their generous capacity and high quality finish, this set of melamine dinner plates from KitchenCraft is the ultimate portable dinnerware set. Lightweight yet substantially sturdy, these shatter-resistant plates take all the worry out of alfresco dining. Pack into a picnic basket, or hand out…

  14. Colourworks Classics Set of Four Melamine Bowls

    Whether you have clumsy kids, (or big kids) or want to enjoy dining outdoors but want something a little more sophisticated than paper plates, then the set of melamine bowls from the Colourworks Classics range at KitchenCraft are perfect for you! They’re virtually unbreakable and are shatter…

  15. Colourworks Classics Set of Four Melamine Tumblers

    No picnic is complete without a selection of refreshing drinks on hand. Whether you’re serving up cool cordials, hot coffee, homemade lemonade or celebrating with beer and wine, you’ll want to have this stylish set of colourful tumblers on hand. Made of melamine, these tumblers are…

  16. Colourworks Classics Stainless Steel Four Piece Cheese Server Set

    Ready to delve into the wonderful world of cheese boards? Getting ‘cheesed off’ with your old cheese knives? Whether you’re a new cheese convert or you’re ready to bring your cheese-love into the modern age, this colourful 4-piece knife set will sort you out! This knife set…