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  1. Grand pinceau pâtisserie / à arroser en bois 25cm

    Ideal to use for glazing pastry and general basting, the traditional pure bristle pastry brush features an extra long wooden handle to allow that extra accuracy when glazing.

  2. Présentoir de pinceaux à pâtisserie en bois et soies naturelles

    With pure bristles and a wooden handle, these pastry brushes are ideal to use for glazing pastry and for general basting. The counter top display includes twenty-four traditional pastry brushes.

  3. Rouleau pâtisserie rotatif en bois de hêtre 44cm

    Traditional wooden rolling pin with revolving centre and fixed comfort shaped side handles.

  4. Rouleau à pâtisserie en bois de hêtre massif 40cm

    Traditional solid wooden rolling pin with indented side handles.