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  1. Ensemble de sept emporte-pièce pâtisserie/biscuits en plastique à 2 bords

    Perfect for cutting pastry and making jam tarts, mince pies, pastries, canapés, scones, and cookies, this Kitchen Craft set of seven reinforced pastry cutters features a dual fluted and plain edge for versatile, durable baking. The set includes a variety of sized cutters that nest together…

  2. Pot de haricots céramique (600g)

    An essential ingredient when blind baking, the ceramic beans conduct heat evenly so that, when placed in the base of a pastry case, they prevent the pastry shrinking in from the sides. They also ensure air bubbles do not appear in the base.

  3. Raclette coupe-pâte

    Easily cut, shape and lift dough with the Kitchen Craft dough cutter and scraper. Ideal for making perfectly sized bread rolls and buns every time, featuring contoured edges to easily scrape dough and transfer cut buns to baking sheets and trays.

  4. Rouleau coupe-pâte pour formes treillissées blanc

    Create perfect lattice tops for pies and tarts in seconds with a simple roll action, saving yourself plenty of time in the kitchen!