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  1. Artesà Marble Wine Cooler

    This marble wine cooler makes serving chilled wine or champagne at the table clean and easy. The natural properties of the marble will keep chilled wine cold. If you wish, you can also pre-chill the wine cooler in the fridge or freezer which means that you can enjoy chilled wine with no need for…

  2. Broyeur à glace rotatif en acrylique

    Bar Craft deluxe retro style ice crusher with an easy to use rotary action, large clear acrylic collecting box and matching ice scoop. Create crushed ice as and when you need it to serve perfedctly cool drinks and cocktails.

  3. Planche à découper en polyéthylène pour bar

    Cut and chop lemons, limes and other fruits for use in beautifully created cocktail. This traditional style polyethylene rectangular chopping board features a cut out handle and is reversible, non-toxic, non-stick, stain resistant and gentle on knife edges.

  4. Seau à glace isolant double paroi en acrylique

    Bar Craft double walled insulated ice bucket to keep ice cooler for longer. Complete with lid, ice serving tongs, and a useful carry handle. With a clear acrylic finish and stylish polished silver rim.