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  1. Coltello e forchetta da tavola

    Enjoy your every day and special occasion dinners in style, with this dinner knife and fork set. Made from high quality stainless steel with a mirror polish finish, it is easy to build your collection with this set of two knives and forks.

  2. Set di 2 coltelli da bistecca

    A beautifully seared piece of steak is, quite simply, culinary perfection. And enjoying such a fine steak should only be done with the very best steak knives. With a high quality serrated stainless steel blade, the Master Class steak knives also feature a stylish mirror polish finish, perfect for…

  3. Set di 2 cucchiai da dolce

    Enjoy a delicious dessert, or alternatively use the spoon for cereal or soup with this set of two high quality stainless steel dessert spoons, similar in size to a standard soup spoon. Sitting beautifully on your dining table, the mirror polish finish brings a perfect shine to your desserts and…

  4. Set di 2 cucchiai da minestra

    Soup always tastes better when enjoyed with a soup spoon! With this stylish set of soup spoons, made from high quality stainless steel with a mirror polish finish, you can enjoy delicious soup in delightful style.

  5. Set di 4 cucchiaini da tè

    A modern but timeless design, this classic set of four Master Class teaspoons, made from beautifully high quality stainless steel feature a mirror polished finish, perfect for everyday and special dining occasions.

  6. Set di 4 forchette da buffet

    A knife, fork and spoon all in one! Perfect for entertaining and enjoying both sweet and savoury treats, these buffet forks can be a great addition when with guests, friends and family. Keeping with the sophisticated style of Master Class cutlery, the high quality stainless steel buffet forks have…

  7. Set di 4 forchette per dolci

    Asides from using your hands, the best way to enjoy some delicious cake is with a cake or pastry fork. Made from high quality stainless steel with a mirror polish finish, these pastry forks look fabulous when presented on a table, allowing your friends and family to enjoy their delightful cake…

  8. Set di posate per bambini 4 pezzi

    Traditionally designed, this four piece set of children's cutlery is perfect for your little one. Enjoying food at the dining table with the family can be easily achieved for all, encouraging children to be one of the grown up's with their very own set of adult looking cutlery yet perfectly…

  9. Spalmaburro

    An easy addition to any tabletop, this stylish high quality stainless steel butter knife with mirror polished finish easily blends into any existing cutlery set whilst also part of the classic Master Class cutlery collection if starting from fresh. A great way to add special little touches to your…