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Product code KCCOMPSS

Easily recycle and reduce your kitchen waste with this spacious, rust-resistant stainless steel...

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Easily recycle and reduce your kitchen waste with this spacious, rust-resistant stainless steel worktop composter with an integral odour absorbing carbon filter. Perfect for composting teabags, egg shells, vegetable and fruit peelings directly from your worktop. When full, simply carry out to the compost heap.


Capacity: 5 litres

Features & Benefits

Dishwasher safe
A spare filter is included 
Additional filters available 
12 month guarantee


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Overall Rating: 4/5

The compost bin is good, no complaints at all, but i cannot find a replacement filter in Australia.
If the bin is sold in Australia, i think the filter should be sold here too - it is an essential ongoing part of the product.
I don't accept that expecting customers to do expensive and delayed international imports from Britain for a filter is either reasonable or good customer service.
I think potential customers should be made aware of this problem before they outlay funds for a bin that will soon become unusable.
I hope you can rectify this problem and thank you for your attention.

Posted by Bee (1st November 2014)

Hi Bee, thank you for your feedback, a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Reply from KitchenCraft (4th November 2014)

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Overall Rating: 5/5

We love our kitchen top compost bin! Any hints for a local (Australian) stockist for the replacement filters?

many thanks

Posted by Paul (2nd April 2014)

Hi Paul,
thank your for your feedback.
Our Austarlian Distributor Albi Imports might sell the product. It's best to contact them directly, please find details below.
87 Chifley Drive
Preston VIC 3072
E: albi@albi.com.au
P: +61 (03) 9474 1300
F: +61 (03) 9474 1334
or visit their website under www.albi.com.au

Reply from KitchenCraft (3rd April 2014)

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Overall Rating: 4/5

Stylish and practical, it gets a lot of use but would also like to know where to get spare filters

Posted by Anna Dobson (12th February 2014)

Hi Anna,
thank you for your message. You can find the spare filters here: http://www.onestopcookshop.co.uk/kitchencraft-6-replacement-charcoal-filter-for-table-top-compost-bin-tpccomp-4028-p.asp

Reply from KitchenCraft (12th February 2014)

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Overall Rating: 5/5

This is a brilliant product. Great for storing potato and apple peelings etc and keeping those awful fruit flies out. Only thing is it says make sure the carbon filter fits snugly but there is noting to hold it on to the lid. We took off the screw handle and put it through the filter to hold it in place.

Posted by Gene Mulvihill (3rd November 2013)

Hi Gene,
thank you very much for your feedback. The filter just needs pushing into the lid and due to its size and material, it should stay in place without any extra screw.
If any further problems, please don't hesitate to contact Zoe Perry from our customer service team at Z.Perry@kitchencraft.co.uk and she will be happy to help. Thank you.

Reply from KitchenCraft (7th November 2013)

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Overall Rating: 4/5

The bin is great but where do you get spare filters from?

Posted by Julia Smith (11th September 2013)

Hi Julia,
Thank you for your feedback. We will be in touch by email shortly regarding stockists of the spare filters.

Reply from KitchenCraft (12th September 2013)