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  1. Mini imbuto in acciaio inox 5,5cm

    Ideal for pouring oil into drizzlers, peppercorns and salt into grinders, this highly durable, polished stainless steel mini funnel has a useful side hook for handling and storage. The funnel is also perfect for general use, particularly with hot liquids.

  2. Imbuto da 13cm con filtro estraibile

    Ideal for general pouring into a variety of sized bottles and containers, this highly durable, polished stainless steel Kitchen Craft funnel features a removable filter and helpful side handle and is ideal for use with hot liquids.

  3. Set di 3 imbuti da cucina in polipropilene

    Useful for a multitude of bottling and pouring uses, this Kitchen Craft set of three assorted sized funnels is made from a highly durable food safe plastic. The set includes a mini, medium, and large sized funnel, that all nest inside one another for easy storage.

  4. Imbuto per marmellata regolabile in acciaio inox

    Large capacity stainless steel funnel with a robust handle and a size adaptor for filling both small and large bottles and preserving jars. Ideal for bottling and preserving a variety of jams, vinegar, oils and cordials in an easy and clean way.

  5. Imbuto per marmellata in acciaio inox

    This large capacity stainless steel funnel with a robust handle ensures easy and clean preserving. Ideal for use with most preserving jars.

  6. Colourworks Display of 24 Silicone Collapsible Funnels

    This counter top display of twenty-four assorted coloured 11cm funnels are perfect for use with hot oils and liquids. Each funnel collapses flat for easy storage with a concertina 'fold up' & 'fold flat' funnel! The design is ideal for use across a variety of bottle and jar…

  7. Colourworks Display of 36 Silicone Mini Funnels

    This silicone mini funnel is perfect for filling salt, pepper and herb pots, as well as small oil and vinegar bottles. Hygienic and flexible, these mini funnels are stain resistant, as well as heat resistant to 260°C/500°F.   The display includes thirty-six mini funnels in each of…