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  1. MasterClass Safety Cutting Glove

    This revolutionary safety cutting glove from  MasterClass uses a high performance material for complete confidence when preparing food using sharp blades. The cut resistant material will protect hands, fingers and knuckles when performing a multitude of everyday food cutting tasks including…

  2. KitchenCraft Textiles Display Stand

    Kitchen Craft Textiles Display Stand for Oven Gloves & Towels available as part of the Kitchen Craft textiles range. This is a trade only product. 

  3. KitchenCraft Stay Fresh Banana Preserving Bag

    Keep your bananas fresher for longer! This cushioned drawstring bag is perfect for preventing bananas from over ripening and going brown. With an item for every culinary occasion, Kitchen Craft covers all bases to ensure you're never left short-handed when cooking or decorating in the kitchen.