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Coltello Santoku in ceramica di lusso



This ceramic bladed santoku knife is part of the Master Class premium ceramic collection honed for superior cutting performance. With precision balanced hardness surpassing traditional metal knives and an ergonomic soft grip handle, this ceramic knife is a joy to use everyday.


Handwash only
5 year guarantee
Not to be sold to persons under the age of 18


Size: 12cm (5")
Acetate display boxed

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Extermely sharp and light knife. Just bought one and I can't believe how sharp this is. Balancing felt right and cutting is a joy. Before I tried cheaper ceramic knives and there wasn't even close what comes to sharpness. One cut and tomato skin is penetrated. Cheaper ones you have to cut severaltimes to get throu tomato skin. I would say that this is perfect knive. Not sure how ceramic knive can take hits, but at this moment I'm very satisfied.

Posted by Tommi Vuorinen (20th December 2014)

Overall Rating: 5/5

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