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Le’Xpress Cocoa Duster Set

Product code KCLXCDUST

No mocha or cappuccino is complete without a light dusting of cocoa. However, with this Le'Xpress...

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No mocha or cappuccino is complete without a light dusting of cocoa. However, with this Le'Xpress Cocoa Shaker and Coffee Stencil Set you can be far more creative than that. Perfect for coffee connoisseurs, it includes a cocoa duster and four coffee stencils - there's a heart, a smile, a bell and a cup and saucer to choose from. They're easily interchangeable, which allows you to achieve those barista-style finishing touches with minimal effort!

This cocoa duster is ideal for ardent coffee drinkers. It's manufactured from durable plastic, so it's definitely tough enough for dusting your daily latte or cappuccino. You don't just have to fill it with cocoa or drinking chocolate, though. It's great for ground cinnamon and nutmeg. And you can also fill it with icing sugar, to dust mince pies, cupcakes and desserts.

Each set includes four strong stainless steel coffee stencils. You can impress friends and family when they're round for coffee with dustings in the shape of a heart, a bell, a cup and saucer and a smile. They're also fantastic for beginners to latte art.

Le’'Xpress serves that all important shot of caffeine, soothing peppermint tea, calming pot of tea and comforting mug of steaming hot chocolate. Whatever your hot drink of choice, Le'’Xpress can make, serve and store them all.


Size: 8.5cm x 13.5cm / 3½" x 5½

Features & Benefits

Duster is dishwasher safe
Discs are handwash only
12 month guarantee


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