Christmas - Set The Table

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  1. Artesà Stainless Steel Butter Knife Set

    Make a statement at the dinner table with these stylish, mirror polished butter knives. The perfect accompaniment to any side plate. An easy addition to the table top, they feature etched detailing, sure to provoke admiring comments and appreciative glances. The stainless steel butter blade is a…

  2. Artesà Set of 2 Glass Mini Sauce Boats

    Perfect for those occasions so special that only the best will do. This set of 2 mini sauce boats are ideal for serving coulis, creams and sauces! Fantastic for creating a relaxed atmosphere at the table when you've got friend over for a dinner party, enjoying tasty additions to your serving…

  3. Coltello e forchetta da tavola

    Enjoy your every day and special occasion dinners in style, with this dinner knife and fork set. Made from high quality stainless steel with a mirror polish finish, it is easy to build your collection with this set of two knives and forks.

  4. MasterClass 13cm Hammered Copper Salt Mill

    Want to bring a touch of 1920s glamour to your kitchen or dining table? This stunning salt mill has a hammered copper-style finish that looks simply delightful in any setting. The metallic look is very much in vogue, but brings to mind the timeless elegance of the 'roaring twenties'. Underneath its…

  5. Separatore di grasso/ sugo 450ml in vetro

    This cleverly designed Master Class gravy and fat separating jug features a base position pouring spout that leaves fat and oil at the top, lowering fat and cholesterol intake. The stylish heat resistant glass jug has clearly marked millilitre, cup and fluid ounce markings, ideal when making stock.

  6. Set di 2 coltelli da tavola

    Originally with a pointed tip, dinner knives were rounded at the top during the 17th century by former French royal Louis XIV after a series of violence at the dinner table. With the introduction of the blunt tip, dinner could be enjoyed with a much reduced risk of violence. Still, to this day, the…

  7. Set di 2 cucchiai da cucina

    Stylishly serve a variety of different food with the Master Class set of serving spoons, made from high quality stainless steel with a mirror polish finish, these spoons also look magnificent on any kitchen or dining table.

  8. Set di 2 forchette da tavola

    Traditionally designed, these high quality stainless steel forks with a mirror polish finish looks perfect at the dining table, great to use both everyday and when entertaining guests.