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KitchenCraft Cast Iron Grill Press



You may think it’s hard to top the taste of a bacon butty on a Saturday morning. And...

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You may think it’s hard to top the taste of a bacon butty on a Saturday morning. And you’d be right. But until you’ve tried this cast iron grilling press, it has to be said that you’re probably missing a trick.

Cast iron is fantastic for cooking – it’s sturdy, heavy duty and retains heat like nobody’s business. All of these features make it the perfect material for this meat press too, as it’s tough enough to go up against thick cuts, heavy enough press your meat against the pan to maximise its exposure to heat and can get hot enough to encourage even cooking and crispy edges. Because it’s nice and strong, you can even use it when you’re cooking on the BBQ, so you’ll be able to create a crispy finish whatever the occasion.

The press couldn’t be easier to use either. Pre-heat it in the pan you’re planning to use and remove it once it’s warm so that you can replace it with the meat that you’re planning to cook. Then simply place the press on top of your food, just like an iron. Thanks to the textured base, you’ll even be left with a restaurant-style chargrilled grid effect when you’ve finished too.

Features & Benefits

Made of cast iron
Comes with simple care instructions for seasoning
Measures 21 cm x 11 cm x 8 cm (8 x 4 x 3 inches)
Hand-wash only
Food safe


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