Spoon Rests

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  1. KitchenCraft Upright Spoon Rest

    Kitchen Craft upright spoon rest for keeping the kitchen hygienic, clean, and tidy, by preventing food contact with work surfaces. The removable stainless steel dish catches all drips, and holds spoons and ladles ready for use during cooking.

  2. Classic Collection Vintage-Style Ceramic Cooking Spoon Rest

    Remember when kitchenware used to be simple, practical and beautiful? KitchenCraft has taken inspiration from these glory days to create this ceramic spoon rest, which uses a simple design to solve an age-old problem – where to put your spoon when you’re cooking! It’s shaped like…

  3. Colourworks Display of 24 Silicone Tea Bag / Spoon Rests

    Ideal for keeping tea bags and spoons off surfaces throughout your house, this display of silicone tea bag / spoon rests are made from colourful silicone, and are stain resistant and feature a non-slip base. Shaped like a teapot, keep your worktops free from drips and stains! Available in the key…