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Leave nothing to chance and remove any doubt about whether meat is cooked thoroughly with this thermometer and timer combination. Simply set the required cooking time on the timer and check the inner food temperature with the probe. The probe can even stay inside the meat as it cooks, leaving the LCD display on the outside so you can always check what's going on. Ideal for use with all types of meat and poultry and for use in ovens, deep fryers, boilers and barbecue grills. Featuring heat resistant wire and a stainless steel probe. The timer can also be used on it's own. Battery required.


Wipe clean only
Requires 1 x AAA Battery (not included)
12 month guarantee


Clam packed

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A new review in addition to my previous once - "For a while this was a great little device. But like others it appears to have stopped reading low temps and cannot be reset."

It looks like the temp probe was faulty, Ayleesha Waithe from Product Quality was very quick to respond and replace the faulty probe and I now have a great working thermometer again.

Thanks for the excellent service.

Posted by John Tredinnick (24th July 2015)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Hi John,

Great to hear! I'm glad it's all worked out.



Reply from Kitchen Craft (27th July 2015)


Bought this last week and can't find out how to switch it off, apart from removing the battery. How do you switch it off?

Posted by Peter Derbyshire (20th July 2015)

Overall Rating: 1/5

Hi Peter,

I've just checked with our customer services team and they've said that it does not have an off button, instead it uses minimal battery power so as not to drain the batteries! The other option is, as you say, to remove the batteries.

I hope this helps!


Reply from Kitchen Craft (20th July 2015)


For a while this was a great little device. But like others it appears to have stopped reading low temps and cannot be reset.

Posted by John (10th July 2015)

Overall Rating: 2/5

Hi John,

Thanks for the review, I've just passed your message onto our customer services team so someone will be in touch shortly to help sort this out!



Reply from Kitchen Craft (16th July 2015)


I used it yesterday for the first time and got the "Hi" error immediately. But reading the reviews above, there seems to be no way to resolve this?

Posted by Bas Kimman (19th April 2015)

Overall Rating: 1/5

Hi Bas,

Yep, we'll get someone from our customer services team to get in touch with you today to solve this for you.



Reply from Kitchen Craft (20th April 2015)


How do you reset it. worked 1st day showed 100C for boiling water. Now it shows a high temperature on the left as soon as probe is plugged in? Currently 122C and how do you stop the beeping? Similar to others it sounds like.

Posted by Sandy Oglesby (19th September 2014)

Overall Rating: 1/5

Hi, sorry you're having problems with the thermometer - a member of our customer service team will be in touch shortly.

Reply from Kitchen Craft (19th September 2014)

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