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  1. Home Made Butter Muslin

    Beautifully traditional finely woven 100% cotton muslin, ideal for straining, steaming, preserving, and cheese maturing, simply cut to size as required.

  2. Home Made Cheese Cloth

    This multi purpose cloth is ideal for straining, cheese making, preserving, steaming fish, pudding, and pies, making herb and spice bags, and even cleaning and polishing. Simply cut to size as required, the 100% cotton, lint free cloth is also machine washable for reuse.

  3. Home Made Jam Straining Kit

    Simple and easy to use jam straining kit, perfect for straining preserves and removing pips and seeds from fruit to make clear home made jams and jellies. This complete jam kit includes a 100% washable canvas straining bag, with flexible stainless steel legs and rim for easy storage and straining…