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  1. MasterClass 24.5cm Four Sided Box Grater

    Comfortably grate a variety of different foods, from cheese to chocolate and carrots. The non-slip base and hand grip guarantees a secure hold, with slice, coarse, medium and fine grating blades available on the four sided stainless steel box grater.

  2. MasterClass Deluxe 2 Piece Traditional Carving Set

    Perfect for carving beautifully roasted joints of meat, this high quality carbon steel carving set features a carving fork with a built in retractable knife guard. Also including a 24cm carving knife with a ground plain cutting edge, full length tang stainless steel rivets to guarantee ease of use…

  3. MasterClass Etched Stainless Steel Zester

    Ideal for grating lemons, oranges and limes, the MasterClass stainless steel zester is perfect for continual high performance. Each blade is acid etched, allowing food to be cut through with precision, ensuring effortless and continuous zesting without clogging. The stainless steel blade is ultra…