Asparagus Season


Asparagus Season

I have only eight weeks left until my holiday so I’m desperately trying to eat well and get in shape. Here at KC a number of us have signed up to run eight and a half miles for charity at the end of May so we have been training a couple of times a week and therefore my fitness has definitely improved but unfortunately I can’t say my diet has been as successful.

This week sees the return of asparagus season and I intend to take full advantage of this wonderful vegetable when it’s at its best, packed full of vitamins A,B and C, virtually fat free and full of fibre and folic acid this super food will definitely give my diet the kick start it needs.

If I’m honest I have never really experimented much with asparagus so I had to do a little research and couldn’t believe how wonderfully versatile this British grown veg is, from soups to quiche and even with linguine it tastes delicious. I tried various different dishes and found bacon wrapped asparagus with a hollandaise sauce to be my favourite. I am a massive fan of hollandaise sauce anyway so I was more than happy to get stuck in (view full recipe here). If like me you are trying to eat healthy try using a Greek yogurt hollandaise as an alternative.

Don’t forget that British asparagus season only lasts around six weeks, starting the 24th April and lasts until the 21st June.

Please feel free to share with me any of your own great asparagus recipes; I am always looking for exciting new dishes to try that make the most of great British produce.