Beat the boredom!!


Beat the boredom!!

Ok so we are about two weeks into the school summer holidays and have you yet heard the words ‘I’m bored’! Well for this blog post I had to turn to my fellow Mummy friends for advise on the best activities to beat the boredom this summer.  Here are our top five.

1)      Doodle your day

Replace your dining mats with doodle pads and leave crayons, pencils and paints on the table to encourage your kids to come and go as they please. As the day progresses get them to colour and paint the things they have seen and done that day so they can tell other members of the family about their day using the pictures they created.

Click here for great doodle mats to get you started.

2)      Create a boredom jar

Fill a jar with activities that only take a few minutes each, each time the kids moan they are bored get them to choose an activity,  this is also a great way to get your jobs done whilst they are occupied ;). Here are few to get you started.

-          Make paper aeroplanes

-          Find out how many human bones are in the body

-           Write a story

-          Create a treasure hunt with maps of our house

-          Learn a magic trick

-          Hold a snail race

-          Find 5 different leaf shapes

-          Write a joke

-          Make a family tree

-          Build a den

Click here for the perfect sized jar.

3)      Throw a jungle party

Get all the kids together for a bit of face painting and dress up as their favourite jungle characters. Organise games such as pin the trunk on the elephant and make your own rain stick. Complete the jungle experience with animal themed plates and sipper cups including monkeys, elephants and turtles all from Let’s Make by Kitchen Craft, perfect for serving jungle tucker such as bear claw brownies and hungry tiger bites (salad wraps).

Click here for all your jungle party favourites.

4)      Back to school prep

Create a personalised pen pot for your child to put their brand new stationery in when they return to school. This is my personal favourite activity as you can be as creative as you like. Cut out stencils, attached them to the jar and get painting, as simple as that, for extra fun add glitter and sequins to your jar. I have to be honest I have a few of these on my own desk!

Click here for the perfect sized jar. 

5)      Baking bonanza

I warn you now this will be a very messy activity but so much fun! Let’s Make by Kitchen Craft have a range of the cutest baking kits around that have been designed especially for little hands, kits include cake pans, cupcake moulds, jelly mounds, cookie cutters and so much more and I assure you they are very reasonable priced.

The kids will love getting involved with mixing and weighing and will be so proud of their final results it will be worth the mess.

Check out all the Let’s Make kits here.

Whatever you get up to, have a great summer!