Bringing back flour power


Bringing back flour power

Refresh your baking skills, get out your mixing bowl, wooden spoon, apron and start from scratch. Mix up light and fluffy homemade bread rolls, moist blueberry muffins or creamy white chocolate cheesecakes. It won’t be too hard… it’s just like riding a bike, you never forget.

Make a mess, throw flour, smash eggs, feel like a child again. Once the basics are back in place, experiment with quirky new ingredients. Passion fruit and kiwi pie, banana muffins with mascarpone cream frosting or apple, cheddar and rosemary quiche.

When your baking bests are in the oven, sit back, relax and enjoy the intoxicating smells of baking wafting from the oven and filling every corner of the entire house. A tantalising wait as the oven forms your scrumptious delights. Wait for the timer to ding, burst open the oven door and relax as you see the perfectly formed creations. You knew you could do it. Now, let’s show them off….(no sorry, I meant “share them” of course).

Resist the over whelming urge to sneak a taste before the beauties have time to cool down and get out the icing and fillings to complete your creations. Turn cupcakes into character inspired creations, tarts into Alice and Wonderland hearts. Fill tender, fluffy layers of sponge cake with all sorts of coloured creamy frosting to create a giant bouncy bed of tiered sponge cake. Use cookie cutters to dust icing in butterfly shapes, or cut out heart shapes to add a touch of romance.

With a little bit of amateur artisan, a sprinkle of fun and a whole lot of enthusiasm you’ll feel so proud.

From sweet to savoury and everything in between, remind yourself of when you were young and baking made the world a better place.

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