Britain abandons the dining room


Britain abandons the dining room

Gone are the days, of sitting round a dining room table, looking at one too many knives and forks, whilst your host pandered to your every need. Dinner parties have turned over a new leaf and are now fully integrated in to the 21st century. It has long been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and now it has taken over as being THE place to hold a dinner party.   

Relaxed and casual, the kitchen has become the most used room in the house, with the average Briton spending around one hour thirty six minutes in theirs every day. Casual dining, not only allows the host to spend quality time with their guests, but allows the guests to muck in and help out, taking some much needed pressure off the host. 

Whilst dining has turned casual, standards are still high, as people are conscious of maintaining the wow factor. With our Entertaining range, it’s never been easier to recreate restaurant standards in your home.

We have a variety of glass and slate appetiser sets, ranging from an impressive twenty five piece set to a more modest nine piece set so there’s something for every occasion. Whether you’re serving up a tantalising amuse-bouche, a flavoursome starter, a delicate canapé or a hearty desert, the appetiser dishes come in a range of shapes and sizes. Including taster spoons, glass dishes, deep bowls and shot glasses. 

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