Christmas pudding chocolate cake


Christmas pudding chocolate cake

Only 10 more sleeps ‘till Santa!!

I have been really organised this year and only have one more present to buy and that means I have more time for baking!! As you guys seemed to really love the Boris spider cake I made for Halloween I thought I would use the Master Class Silver Anodised  Hemisphere Cake Pans again but this time I’m making a Christmas Pudding chocolate cake and its absolutely delicious. Here’s how I made it.


For the cake -

300g butter (room temperature)

200g caster sugar

225g soft light brown sugar

3 eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

350g plain flour

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

100g cocoa

1500ml buttermilk

150ml boiling water

To decorate -

500g ready-to-roll chocolate icing

500g ready-to-roll white icing

100g ready-to-roll green icing

100g ready-to-roll red icing

I pre heated the oven to 160°c


In a large mixing bowl I mixed the butter, caster sugar and the brown sugar.

Pudding 1

Pudding 2

Once mixed well I gradually added the eggs and the vanilla extract beating continuously. 

Pudding 3

Pudding 4

Once my arm was thoroughly aching It was time to sift in the flour, baking powder bicarbonate of soda and cocoa. Sorry time for more mixing, mix until combined.

Pudding 5

Pudding 6

Once combined I added the buttermilk and boiling water and mixed until smooth.

Pudding 7

I transferred the smooth mixture into a Master Class Silver Anodised 20cm Hemisphere Cake Pan and baked for 45 minutes. To double check the cake is cook through, insert a cake tester and it should come out clean.

Pudding 8

Cool completely on a wire rack before decorating.

To decorate the cake I rolled out chocolate icing to approx. 35cm diameter. I carefully lifted the icing and placed it over the cake, using an icing smoother I smoothed the cake from the top downwards trimming away any excess.

Pudding 9

To make the decorations to go on the top I rolled out white icing and cut into approx. 7 – 10cm strips, I placed the strips over the cake starting at the top as if to look like cream running down the cake.

Finally I rolled out green icing and using the Holly Fondant Plunger Cutters I cut out holly leaves and placed them on top of the cake where the white strips meet. Taking small pieces of red icing I rolled into small balls and placed on top of the fondant holly leaves.


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