Coffee Coffee Coffee!


Coffee Coffee Coffee!

Like most Brits, here at KitchenCraft we love our Coffee! So we have taken it upon ourselves to remove some of the mystery surrounding the most popular coffees and give simple instructions on how to make a barista quality cuppa.

For the best results you should always grind your own coffee as you use it. Ground coffee will become stale much quicker than whole beans, but if you still prefer buying pre ground coffee always store it in an air tight container.

It might sound obvious but the better the bean the better the coffee will be but did you know this also applies to the coarseness or fineness of the ground coffee?

If you are going to be brewing in a coffee machine or a cafetiere you should always use a coarse ground coffee. This will allow the water to move through the coffee more easily.

However if you are making espresso or using a slow brew you need a fine grind that will be more compacted. The water takes longer to filter through the coffee grounds giving it more time to pick up that intense flavour.

The other final thing to consider is “how” are you going to drink your coffee?

If you want a simple cup to sip, black or white, then a cafetiere or filter machine will give you the perfect result, but if you are looking for coffee shop style coffee you need to start off with an espresso.


The espresso has to be the easiest of the coffees to master – it is what it is. 30ml of hot espresso to be enjoyed black, on its own or with a glass of water. If you are feeling brave though you can have a “Doppio” or double espresso – 60ml of pure caffeine.

Next up we have the Americano. A nice easy ratio of 2 parts coffee to 3 parts hot water (a double shot of espresso and a triple shot of hot water). Can be enjoyed with or without milk.


And on to the coffee everyone is talking about – The Flat White! This medium size coffee is smooth and milky but really packs a punch thanks to its double espresso base. Follow this up with hot steamed milk. When milk is steamed or frothed it begins to separate into different layers of foam. The top layer is the macro foam, it is frothy and bubbly and is used for Cappuccinos and Lattes. The middle layer is the micro foam, this is very silky in texture but much thicker than the bottom layer of hot, un-frothed milk. As one well known fast food chain put it – it really is just like a smaller, stronger Latte.


Speaking of foam, the most famous of the frothy coffees has to be the Cappuccino. A single shot of espresso mixed with hot milk and the macro foam froth to all topped off with a dusting of cocoa, cinnamon or nutmeg.


For those who want their caffeine hit but a much mellower flavour, we give you the Latte. A single shot with a steamed milk and micro foam top. Smooth and creamy and perfect for carrying extra flavours from syrups like caramel, hazelnut and vanilla.

For a summer twist on the latte instead of adding hot steamed milk, top it off with cold milk and ice cubes. A perfect way to cool off on a hot afternoon.


There is even a desert latte, the Glace replaces the milk altogether with Ice Cream and caramel sauce! Best served with a spoon though.

Now we head in to the drink for those with a sweet tooth. The Macchiato is a falls somewhere between a coffee, a milkshake and a dessert. An espresso base, followed by steamed milk, hot chocolate and hot water, stirred and then topped off with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce – a truly decadent drink by any standards!

If you want your chocolate hit but don’t want to go quite as far as a Macchiato then the Mocha is for you. A double espresso is topped off with an equal amount of hot chocolate and then a splash of milk. Smooth and not over milky with a bitter sweet bite of cocoa.

If after all of this you need to take a step back from the caffeine, we will just leave this last picture here!


Happy Coffee Week!