Don’t freak out it's only milkshake!


Don’t freak out it's only milkshake!

Now this is the sugar rush of all sugar rushes ……… introducing the Freakshake!

Thick, creamy, gooey, chocolaty, indulgent, sweet, rich and beyond delicious these over the top, crazy milkshakes are taking the foodie scene by storm and we are all over this trend. There is literally no end to the delicious goodness you can add to these milkshakes to turn them into what we can only describe as a work of art!

Add a chocolate brownie and a giant marshmallow to the top of a creamy vanilla milkshake or how about an entire doughnut on top of sumptuous strawberry milkshake and of course there is an obscene amount of whipped cream and sugary syrup to hold the entire thing together.  

These little beauties started life down under and we couldn’t be happier that they have made their way to the UK, our waistlines may disagree however, but oh well we all deserver the occasional treat and what a treat these are. Here are our four out of this world, freaking delicious freakshakes!

Chocolate Brownie Freakshake


Pretzel Freakshake


Salted Caramel and toffee popcorn Freakshake

Salted crarmel

Doughnut Freakshake