Ensure an eggstraordinary Easter party!


Ensure an eggstraordinary Easter party!

This year is the first year my daughter understands the excitement of Easter and the fun of an Easter egg hunt so I decided to throw her an Easter party, we had to have it this weekend as we are going away for the Easter weekend but at least I can pass on some advice about preparing for 10 children fuelled by chocolate running around your house and garden!!

We started the party with a traditional Easter egg hunt and I was really worried about getting it right and building the excitement for the children, I used the Hoppity Does It Easter Egg Hunt Kit and it was fantastic, it had everything I needed including clue cards, signs, bunting and treat bags, it took 100% of the stress out of planning the hunt. To make your life even easier, here are the six clues I used.

  •  The Easter Bunny's been today, he dropped some eggs along the way, follow the clues - you need to be wise, as they will lead you to your prize.
  • Outside you must go, to discover your next clue, if you find a pink flowery plant, then you'll find your treasure too.
  • This clue is hiding in the dark, in somewhere rather smelly, we put these on to jump in mud, it's hidden in a ............(welly)
  • For clue number 4, look up and down, higher and lower, where do we keep the garden mower?
  • Nearly done, there’s just one more, the last clue is outside the back…………..(door)
  • Congratulations, I hope you had fun, your Easter Egg Hunt is finally done, I hope that you've found the egg hunt funny, see you next year, love The Easter Bunny.

As you can imagine everyone was very excited after the hunt so to restore a little calm I asked all the children to decorate ceramic eggs and egg cups with a little chocolatey treat for the winning egg and cup. It worked perfectly and as the Paint Your Own Decorative Easter Eggs and Cups come complete with their own set of paints and a brush there was no squabbling over who was next to use their favourite colour! The painting activity even gave me time to get the food ready.

I kept the party food very simple and it consisted mostly of cakes and biscuits, I made some delicious Easter bunny cupcakes and my daughter helped me make some chocolate nest cakes, I have put the recipe here for these as they are great fun for all the family to get involved with. I completed the table with an iced sponge cake decorated with Easter themed cake toppers and plenty of chocolate eggs of course.

The party was a great success and couldn’t believe how stress free it was to create a magical Easter feel thanks to Hoppity Does It.