Family friendly meals for under £5


Family friendly meals for under £5

In addition to trying to change my eating habits in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle, I have also been trying to save as much money as possible as we have just booked our wedding and the realisation of how much it will cost us has just sunk in! One of the ways I intend to save is by finding economical ways to create my favourite family meals, therefore last week I set myself the challenge to create five meals for under £5.

I started with one of my absolute favourite winter warmers, toad in the hole. I love tucking into toad in the hole on a chilli evening accompanied by plenty of veg and lashings of gravy.  I visited my local supermarket, green grocer and famers market and managed to get everything I needed for an amazing £3.56. Try out my wonderfully homely recipe here.

My second pocket pleasing meal is spaghetti bolognaise, I have substituted the beef for turkey thus making a tidy saving whilst still tasting great. I also highly recommend substituting turkey for beef if you are trying to lose a few pounds as it is really high in protein and low saturated fat, win win! I purchased all ingredients for a smile inducing £4.87. Click here for full recipe.

My next meal for under £5 is great for a weekend family treat, margherita pizza made from scratch came in at a fantastic £3.47! The recipe I share with you is really simple and great for getting the kids involved as they can customise their pizza by adding as many delicious topping as they can think of. Click here for full recipe.

There is nothing fishy about the price of my next budget family; fish pie will satisfy all the family for a mere £4.99. I usually make this meal towards the end of the month as its cheap and the majority of the ingredients I have left over from previous meals. Click here for full recipe.

My final recipe that will save the pennies but still full on flavour is Jambalaya. I usually cook this of a weekend and we all get together for a New Orleans style party with a plenty of Jazz music for a real festival feel. I managed to get the party started for a very reasonable £5. Click here for full recipe.

I’m always looking for exciting budget friendly, family recipes and would love to hear about your favourites!