Ox Cheek Pie


Ox Cheek Pie


For the pastry: 

200g butter cut into cubes 

400g plain flour 

3-4 tbsp of ice cold water 

1 beaten egg for brushing the pastry  

For the filling:

400g of diced ox cheek of beef or shin of beef (we've used ox cheek)  

1 tsp of salt 

1 tsp of freshly ground black pepper 

2 tbsp of olive oil 

1 tsp of fresh thyme chopped 

1 tsp of fresh rosemary chopped 

3 medium onions diced 

1 bulb of garlic 

2 large carrots 

1 stick of celery 

200ml red wine 

2 pints of beef stock 

Here’s how: 

Pre-heat a non-stick cast aluminium casserole dish.

Place the beef into a bowl and drizzle with oil, then season with salt and pepper. Beef is a robust flavour and can take plenty of seasoning so don’t be afraid. 

Add the chopped rosemary and thyme to the beef and stir together, by the time you have done this the pan with be nice and hot ready to cook with. 

Place the beef into the pan and cook on all sides on the hob until the beef is a deep golden brown. The deeper the colour of the beef the better as this will help with the final colour of the pie filling. 

When the beef is browned off add the onions, celery and carrots. 

Stir the pan a little to bring all the ingredients together before you add the beef stock and red wine. 

Bring the pan up to the boil,  place a lid on the pan and put it into the oven to cook at 160°c for 3 hours until the beef is tender. 

The best way to check if the beef is ready is to remove from the oven is to lift some of the beef out of the pan carefully on a spoon, leave to cool for a few minutes, then press the meat and if it is soft then it is tender. 

Taste the gravy that the beef has cooked in for seasoning. Add additional seasoning if required - it's up to you and your taste buds. 

Place the beef somewhere to cool, never add hot pie filling to cold pastry as it will melt the pastry and spoil the pie.


While the beef is cooling, make the pastry by adding the flour to a mixing bowl with the butter straight from the fridge so that it is nice and cold.

Using your finger tips only, rub the butter into the flour to create a crumbly texture. 

Add the ice cold water into the pastry a little at a time while mixing the pastry together with a spoon. 

Only add just enough water to bring the dough together. If it's too wet the pastry will become very elastic and tough, if it's too dry it will become crumbly. 

When the pastry has formed into a ball, transfer to a clean worktop and press the pastry together and roll into a ball gently. 

Transfer the pastry into the fridge to rest for 20 minutes before rolling out into a MasterClass Crusty Bake tin. 

Once the pastry has rested remove from the fridge and cut into two pieces. One piece should be two-thirds of the dough for the base, the remaining third for the top of the pie. 

Roll the pastry out and place in the tin. 

Pour the pie filling into the centre of the pie and spread out evenly. 

Brush the edges of the pie with beaten egg before adding the rolled out piece of remaining pastry for the top of the pie. 

Using a rolling pin, roll along the edges to cut the excess pastry to create a clean edge of the pastry. 

Brush the remain beaten egg on top of the pie before baking in a pre-heated oven at 180°c.

Bake for 45 minutes until the pastry is golden and crisp, by using a MasterClass Crusty Bake tin you will alway achieve a crisp pastry as the perfroations in the bakeware allow the moisture out of the pastry and the hot air in - the secret to no more soggy bottoms!