Pork Escalope Cordon Blur


Pork Escalope Cordon Blur


4 x 150g Pork loin steaks 
60g Sliced Swiss cheese grated or chopped 
60g Grated mozzarella cheese grated 
60g Grated Mature cheddar cheese grated 
1 tbsp Dijon mustard 
4 Slices Smoked ham
Salt and pepper 
150g Panko breadcrumbs 
150g Plain flour 
1 tsp Smoked paprika 
3 eggs 
1 tbsp Butter 
2 tbsp olive oil 

2 baby gem lettuce 
2 tbsp Red wine vinegar 
4 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil 
1 tbsp Capers 
Salt and pepper 

Here’s how 

Cut the fat away from the pork steak and place between two pieces of baking parchment. 
Using a tenderiser or a large frying pan bat the steaks to 3-4mm thick approximately. 
Put the pork to one side while you make the filling, mix the three cheeses together in a bowl. 
Season up the pork by brushing the dijon thinly onto the pork and sprinkle a little salt and pepper. 
Divide the cheese mixture between two of the pork steaks and flatten out. 
Top the cheese with a few slices of smoked ham, then top with the other pork steak. 
Place the flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs into 3 mixing bowls. 
Season the flour with the smoked paprika and stir together.
Dip the pork into the seasoned flour, then the beaten egg and finally into the breadcrumbs making sure the pork is completely covered.
Place the breaded pork onto a plate ready for cooking. 
Pre heat a non stick frying pan with the oil and butter. 
When the pan is hot cook the pork on both sides until golden and crisp, making sure the pork is fully cooked before serving, it should take about 5 minutes on each size. 
If you are using a digital probe you are looking for a core temperature of 75c. 
While the pork is cooking mix together the dressing ingredients and dress the lettuce. 
Serve the crispy pork and lettuce together with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of sea salt.