Power Snack Pack


Power Snack Pack


125g warm water

11g instant yeast

60g sugar

2 large eggs

475g Strong flour

10 tbsp salt

230g of softened butter, cut into chunks

Here’s how

Add water and yeast to bowl or stand mixer and stir to combine well. Add in sugar, eggs, flour, and salt.

Mix on low with the dough hook attachment for 3-4 minutes or until dough has come together into a dry mass.

Begin adding in the butter, one chunk at a time (mixer still on low speed).

When all butter has been added, increase the mixer to high speed and mix for about 10 minutes, pausing to scrape down sides at least once. Once the dough has begun to form and slap around the bowl, continue mixing for another 3-4 minutes to develop more gluten.

If you are making by hand 5 for minutes, rest for 5 and repeat three times.

Transfer the dough into a bowl and round into a ball.

Cover and transfer to the fridge for 2 hours to prove.

Once the dough have proved in the fridge, remove and divide into two equal portions.

Stretch the dough out and scatter over the nuts and grated cheese onto one ball of dough and the fruit and seeds on to the other.

Knead and work each ball of dough to combine the ingredients, then cut into 10 equal portions before rolling into balls.

Place half the cheese and nut balls into a baking tray at one end and the fruit and seeds at the other end.

Leave the breads to prove and double in size before baking in a pre heated oven 180c until golden brown.