Schools Out!


Schools Out!

Here at KC we know that having to keep the kids entertained for 6 whole weeks can be a very scary thought for parents but don’t worry anymore! Outdoors or indoors, making ice lollies or balloon ping pong, we have ideas keep even the fussiest child busy.

So, if the weather is nice outside we know just what you should do.

Picnic Lunches!

Just having your lunch time sandwich outside on a blanket can a great big adventure! Try making our all in one Picnic Loaf or if you are feeling really adventuress you could theme the lunch to tie in with the day. Fill up on our yummy Very Hungry Caterpillar sandwich and then head off on a mini beast hunt!

Cooling down!

If the suns beaming and you want everyone to cool down with a healthy snack then we know just the thing. Strawberry Ice Lollies four ways! All you need is a few simple ingredients and a lolly mould, make freeze overnight and tad dah! Refreshing tasty ice lollies.

Or if the weathers not so nice you could do some fun indoor activities…

Cup stacking!

Stay with us here… stacking cups might not sound that fun but when you turn it in a competition to see who can stack cups and un-stack them again the fastest you will bring out the competitive side in anyone, there is even a world record holder for this! As the kids keep playing they will get quicker and quicker and then they can challenge dad and if they can do it in under 4.8 second then you really should call the people at Guinness World Records!

Make your own playdough!

This one is great! Fun to make and then the kids can play! Double win!

You will need a mixing bowl, a cup of water, 4 cups of flour, 2 to 4 table spoons of cooking oil, 1½ cups of salt and food colouring. All you need to do is add all dry ingredients together and then add the water stir and add oil and food colouring and there you have it fun easy play dough!


And if none of that works drop them off with the grandparents!