Top 10 festive desserts


Top 10 festive desserts

Christmas day is the one day of the year that we all manage to devour a full three courses with no problem at all, so I make sure that each course is one to remember. Following on from my top 10 starters it’s only fair I share my top 10 desserts with you.

1)      Christmas Pudding, I couldn’t imagine Christmas Day without a beautifully rich, fruity, slightly spiced Christmas Pudding. I have shared my favourite Christmas Pudding recipe here.

2)      Traditional Christmas Cake, I always make my Christmas Cake at the beginning of November and feed it every fortnight with a little alcohol to keep it moist.

3)      Christmas Stollen Pudding, this dessert is a great twist on a Christmas classic and is really simple to make.

4)      Chocolate Orange Bomb with a hot chocolate sauce, this dessert is truly luxurious and I challenge you to find anyone who doesn’t love this treat.

5)      Poached Pears in Spiced Tea, it doesn’t happen often but if I’m trying to control my calorie intake then this dessert is perfect.

6)      Christmas Pudding Ice Cream, a perfect dessert for the kids and also great to make after Christmas to use up any left over Christmas pudding you have.  

7)      Clementine and Prosecco Jelly Shots, I don’t really count these as a dessert, they are more of an after dinner treat but they are so much I had to include them.

8)      Baileys Banana Trifle, a combination of two of my favourite flavours and putting them into a trifle is just layer after layer of goodness!

9)      Sherry Panettone, a lovely moist, fluffy dessert packed full of candied fruit. A real festive favourite in our house.

10)   Classic Custard Tart, not exactly a traditional Christmas dessert but too good not to include in the top 10!