Up your lunch game with tasty tacos!


Up your lunch game with tasty tacos!

No longer can we cope with boring lunches! We have channelled our Mexican flare and come up with five taco recipes that will knock your socks off, there will be no excuse to go back to that soggy cucumber sandwich!

Chilli con carne taco

A true Mexican classic, the hotter the better we say! Click here for recipe. 

Chili taco

Chicken taco

A flavour sensation! Find the recipe here. 

 Chicken taco

Fish taco

A wonderfully light option, perfect if you’re planning a big evening meal. Here is the recipe

 Fish taco

Sweet potato and corn tacos

A great veggie option packed full of flavour. Check out our recipe here. 

 Veggie taco

Steak taco

Meaty, spice and sooooo filling, what’s not to love. Click here for recipe. 

Steak Taco