Winter Warming Lunches


Winter Warming Lunches

We all know the feeling… a cold, grey, miserable weather day and the thought of another sandwich for lunch. So why not get ahead and make some simple, hearty meals that you can pull out of the freezer on those too cold days. Batch cooking might seem like a of of work but you will be so glad you made the effort when one of those days comes round, plus you wont have to run off to the chippy to find a hot lunch!

We have been trying out some prepare ahead lunches and these were our favourites.

Three Fish Pie, a great mix of cod, haddock and salmon in a creamy sauce with a good old topping of mash.

Beef Stew and Dumplings, a British classic and all round winner when you need a hot filling dinner.

Shepherds Pie with Parmesan and Herb Crumb, a nice crunch twist on a winter favourite.

Sweet Chilli Beef Noodles, a lighter lunch with a warming kick of chilli.

Easy Vegetable Soup, this easy to make recipe can be tailored to use any vegetables you have. Why not get experimenting with herbs and spices to give an extra kick of flavour.