A charming collection with a nod to the good life, the beloved hen also maintains a collectable value going back years. Pretty stoneware and hand painted stripes complete the look of our charming collection that adorns any breakfast table and classic kitchen with the essentials.

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  1. [global_product_code] HHTEA
  2. [global_product_code] HHCOFFEE
  3. [global_product_code] HHSUGAR
  4. [global_product_code] HHUTENSIL
  5. [global_product_code] HHCSTAND
  6. [global_product_code] HHEGGKEEPER
  7. [global_product_code] HHPLATE
  8. [global_product_code] HHEGG
  9. [global_product_code] HHBOWL
  10. [global_product_code] HHMUG
  11. [global_product_code] HHBUTTER
  12. [global_product_code] HHTEAPOT
  13. [global_product_code] HHTRIVET
  14. [global_product_code] HHSNP
  15. [global_product_code] HHJUG
  16. [global_product_code] HHPLACECOASTPK4