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  1. KitchenCraft 'V' Shaped Super Slicer with Five Blades and Storage Box

    Kitchen Craft V shape multi function slicer with five interchangeable stainless steel slicing blades including fine shredding, coarse shredding, grating, slicing and wavy edged slicing. Waffle and chip shapes can also be produced. The mandoline has an adjustable thickness setting from 1mm to 9mm…

  2. KitchenCraft 'V' Slice Mandoline

    Vegetable and fruit slicer with a height adjustable stainless steel 'V' shaped blade and safe to use, easy slide action safety holder / pusher. The safety holder / pusher protects fingers and includes a food gripper so food can be sliced right to the very end. Designed to rest on bowl rims for…

  3. KitchenCraft 7 in 1 Mandoline and Grater Set

    Create seven different types of cutting within one slicer, the multi-purpose plastic mandoline and grater is perfect for a variety of different slicing tasks. Includes four stainless steel blades for producing coarse and fine grating, shredding, chipping and slicing cooked meats and vegetables, as…

  4. KitchenCraft Chopper and Storer Set

    Slice and dice with this multi-purpose set with two stainless steel cutting blades. The easy pull down handle cuts food directly into the collecting box, which also comes complete with an airtight storage lid. A cleaning attachment is also included so you can ensure your chopper and storer set is…

  5. KitchenCraft Deluxe Nutmeg Mill

    This easy to use mill is ideal for grinding whole nutmeg for use on cakes and desserts, using a simple rotary action. The mill can also store whole nutmeg ready for use, whilst through the transparent top, the grinding mechanism can be seen working.

  6. KitchenCraft Dough Cutter and Scraper

    Easily cut, shape and lift dough with the Kitchen Craft dough cutter and scraper. Ideal for making perfectly sized bread rolls and buns every time, featuring contoured edges to easily scrape dough and transfer cut buns to baking sheets and trays.

  7. KitchenCraft Draw Through Knife Sharpener

    Simple draw through knife sharpener for sharpening all types of non-serrated knives.

  8. KitchenCraft Food Chopper with Revolving Blade

    An easy way to chop eggs, onions, nuts, vegetables and fruit, the Kitchen Craft automatic chopper, simply chop as much or as little as is required.

  9. KitchenCraft Grater and Graduated Acrylic Collector

    This multi purpose grater and storer set includes four interchangeable stainless steel blades for coarse and fine grating, zesting and slicing, plus a useful collecting base. Perfect for hygienic food preparation, the collecting base can then be used to store excess food and even features…

  10. KitchenCraft Hand Held Knife Sharpener

    Featuring ultra hard sharpening wheels to quickly and easily sharpen knives and pen-knives.

  11. KitchenCraft Herb Roller Cutter With Stainless Steel Blade

    Simple to use herb roller cutter with stainless steel rotating blades for chopping herbs in an instant.

  12. KitchenCraft Knife and Scissor Sharpener

    Double slot sharpener for sharpening all types of non-serrated edged knives, pen knives and scissors. Features a grind stone for extra sharpness and an easy to grip handle.

  13. KitchenCraft Plastic Rotary Grater Mill With Three Blades

    Slice, grate and shred food easily with the Kitchen Craft multi purpose plastic grater. Perfect for easy, quick and safe grating, the three different blades are ideal for preparing a variety of foods.

  14. KitchenCraft Rotary Vegetable Mill

    Ideal for pureeing and grating cooked vegetables and fruit to create sauces and baby food, this compact mill has three interchangeable stainless steel fine, medium, and coarse blades.

  15. KitchenCraft White Plastic Mincer With Suction Clamp

    For making healthy home made minced meat, this plastic mincer includes durable coarse and fine mincing blades, and includes a plastic pusher to push meat further down the top funnel safely and effectively. Using a simple rotary action to mince meat, the mincer also features a transparent top funnel…

  16. KitchenCraft White Plastic Parmesan Cheese Grater

    Using a grip operated rotary grater, this really is the easy way to grate hard cheese, chocolate, nuts, and even dried coconut. With an encased storage compartment, the grater features a plastic main unit with a stainless steel blade. Ideal for use directly at the table over plates and bowls.