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A classic cook's secret ingredient, this refillable blowtorch is ideal for creating the finishing touch...

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A classic cook's secret ingredient, this refillable blowtorch is ideal for creating the finishing touch to a variety of dishes and desserts such as caramelising sugar toppings on créme brulee and tarte tatin, browning meringues and crisping joints of meat. Featuring a soft grip non-slip body and safety adjustable flame, the blowtorch is extremely safe to use and has a piezo trigger instant ignition, chrome fittings, refillable cylinder for use time and time again and an anti-flare flame that works at all angles.



Size: 9cm x 16.5cm
Clam packed 



Wipe clean only
conforms to BS EN ISO9994 standards
12 month guarantee


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[prod_rating_overall] 2/5

This worked first time for me but afterwards I have had no luck getting it to light. There is gas inside and the flint works but when I turn the knob at the top, there is no hiss and it does not light.

[global_posted_by] Clive (8th December 2015)

Hi Clive,

Thanks for the message, we've passed your message and your contact details onto our customer support team and someone will be in touch this morning to help assist with this.



[prod_reply_from] Kitchen Craft (9th December 2015)

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[prod_rating_overall] 2/5

Just bought the cook's blowtorch and filled it with butane gas. It worked for a few seconds and then doesn't work anymore, no hissing noise when gas is turned on so clearly no gas being released and therefore won't light, it is full of gas as well, gutted as just purchased it! It is still under its 12 month guarantee so is a replacement possible?

[global_posted_by] Tom (6th December 2015)

Hi Tom,

Ah, that certainly sounds like a fault. We'll pass your message onto our customer services team and someone will be in touch this morning to help out!



[prod_reply_from] Kitchen Craft (8th December 2015)

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[prod_rating_overall] 4/5

Ignition button not doing anything, is there a flint that needs replacing?

[global_posted_by] Michael Crane (2nd July 2015)

Hi Michael,

Someone from our customer services team will be in touch shortly to sort this out with you. Please let us know if we can help any further!


Kitchen Craft

[prod_reply_from] Kitchen Craft (3rd July 2015)

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[prod_rating_overall] 1/5

I purchased a blowtorch from Richard Dyas. when I came to use it some weeks later it would not accept a charge from a gas refill tank. It appears that the input valve is faulty. I have another blowtorch on my boat and that refils and works fine.

[global_posted_by] Mike Finch (2nd June 2015)

Hi Mike,

Ah, that shouldn't be happening. Do you want to give us a quick email at customercare@kitchencraft.co.uk and we'll sort out fixing this for you right away? Sorry about the inconvenience!



[prod_reply_from] Kitchen Craft (2nd June 2015)

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[prod_rating_overall] 1/5

Used once...gas ran out...refilled but gas does not emerge from nozzle...presumably blocked nozzle somewhere. Pretty poor really that I only use this once for a very short period.

[global_posted_by] Erik Newman (29th June 2014)

Hi Erik,
we're sorry to hear there was a problem with our Cook's blowtorch. This is certainly not something we've come across before and we will investigate this as a matter of urgency. Please accept our apology, our customer service team will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for your message.

[prod_reply_from] Kitchen Craft (30th June 2014)